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Our passion for the ocean and conservation shines through in every product we offer. From eco-friendly options to our stunning Larimar line, our shop has everything you need to show your love for the sea. Plus, our cork tree jewelry is not only sustainable, but also features unique marine creatures that will make you feel like a mermaid. Shop now and join us in protecting our oceans!

Featured Products

Meet Diane, the Founder and Owner of Crabby Mermaid- Crabby Mermaid is more than just a shop- it's a passion project that supports ocean conservation. Every purchase you make helps fund our efforts to protect marine life and it's habitats. Our selection of clothing, home decor, accessories, and jewelry is inspired by the ocean and designed with sustainability in mind. Check out our eco-friendly pet options, and be sure to explore our unique cork tree and Larimar jewelry lines.

Elevate your coastal style

Check our our sustainable cork tree line of jewelry and our stunning Larimar Collection. Shop with us and elevate your coastal style today!

Larimar Octopus Earrings

Get your tentacles on these INK-CREDIBLE Octopus earrings! Made with stunning Larimar and Sterling Silver, they're perfect for any ocean lover. Trust us, you'll want to wear these beauties every single day.

Larimar Turtle Earrings

Sea-ze the day and accessorize with these darling Larimar turtle earrings! The perfect way to show off your love for these magnificent creatures and bring a touch of Caribbean tranquility to your style.

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